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The black & white photo shows what Woodward Avenue and 8 Mile Road looked like in 1965. Site of the 1st reported street race between cars in 1895, the 1st auto factory in the early 1900s, 1st paved concrete road in 1909, 1st highway center lines in 1911, the 1st traffic signal in 1915, 1st urban freeway in 1942, & since 1995, the scene of the Woodward Dream Cruise celebration of all things cool on wheels....the largest car event in the world. The Federal Hwy Administration recently conferred upon Woodward its "All American Road" designation signifying a road that is a destination unto itself & not just a regular highway.  Cruisin Woodward is now a major event for thousands of cruisers every summer.....come enjoy the fun.



For those of you who did not have the priviledge of growing up in the 1950's ....or the  1960's, please check out these wonderful web sites .... .

The below photo shows Ted's drive-in in the mid-1950's on Woodaward Ave at Square Lake.  This was a popular cruzin spot at the north end of Woodward Avenue for local hot rodders and today has a newer restaurant at the same location.


Detroit Channel 7 WXYZ -TV pays tribute to the Brightest & Best HS Seniors 
  Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Oakland University in 2007 using Ken & Ginny's 50 year old 1957 Chevy Belair   
     Robbie Timmons & Carolyn Clifford-------------------------Stephen Clark & Diana Lewis