Cruize Rules

ambulanceCruize Rules of the Road

All Members and Officers of the Fun Time Cruzers and their sponsors,  assume no liability  for  any and all bodily injuries, damages, accidents, and theft, before, during, and after Cruise Events and Car Shows.


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Cruize Rules of the Road

         Updated 1-1-2014

1.      You must park in regular parking spaces in Sponsor provided parking areas.

2.      NO parking on the grass unless event is held in a park where this is authorized by the Event Sponsor or is common practice for a particular event.

3.      NO burnouts, speeding, or loud music playing at any time.

4.      NO saving parking spaces at Club Events. First come, first serve.

5.      Please thank our Sponsors and give them your business (buy something).

6.      NO parking in public streets or interconnecting driveways unless authorized by Sponsors or individual city governments that sponsor a particular event.

7.      DO NOT LITTER. Place trash in appropriate trash containers provided by Sponsors. Police your own area help your fellow cruisers clean up the Event area after the Event is over...

8.     Club members must abide by local/ state laws, & Sponsor requirements or guidelines when visiting their property.

9.     Help your fellow cruisers park their cars safely & carefully.

10.    Report abuse of the Rules to the Club Activity Director/CEO, or Sponsor.

11.    Report any incidents involving Club Members, cars, Event guests, or the general public, to Event Sponsors and Club Directors. Engage law enforcement, EMS, or fire department personnel when appropriate.

12.    Treat everyone with courtesy & respect.......HAVE FUN!